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Masseria Storica Pilapalucci


Almond of Toritto

In the heart of the Apulian Romanesque


The Masseria is the founder of the “Mandorla di Toritto” Slow Food Presidium and observes a strict production based on the protection of biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

The farm’s almond is a gourmet product, appreciated by gastronomy experts and reported by the prestigious “Gambero Rosso” magazine.

Humus of the ancient wood, ancient limestone, dryland farming and breezes channeled by the pre-Murgian lame (stream bed of ancient waterways that flowed into the Adriatic Sea) represent a truly exceptional terroir that together with the autochthonous varieties and peasant wisdom helps to give to our almond unique organoleptic and nutritional properties.

The Masseria’s selected almonds are available both loose and 500g bags, for pastry shops, restaurants and for private customers who are attentive to healthy foods.

Terroir & Superfood

The farm is located in an agricultural landscape of singular beauty on the border between pre-Murgia and Alta Murgia and its terroir has generated precious autochthonous cultivars that take the name after ancient Torittesi citizens: the "Antonio De Vito" and the "Filippo Cea".

Our almonds have excellent characteristics: a high content of oil and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a very low acidity and an intense but, at the same time, balanced flavor, with final butter notes. The marked mellowness makes them ideal for the pastry art and for haute cuisine.

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